Let’s Examine the Category Indigenous

We begin with the entirety of a People that is living in a particular geographical space, with its language, culture, traditions, and economic patterns. They are original to that space in relation to any other people that arrives later;

Suddenly, a second invading People violently enters, or breaks into, that same geographical space and claims the right to establish a system of domination over the first People. That People is, therefore, second-in-time in relation to the First People or Nation.

The invading People use the words “conquest” and “colonization” (both of which mean domination) to identify what has happened to the First People as a result of them and their geographical space having been invaded;

From the perspective of the Second People only their language and mentality will be used to think about and evaluate the situation that has befallen the First People;

Since a system of domination is what has resulted in all the afflictions and problems that the First or “Indigenous” People have experienced and suffered at the hands of the invading People, it is up to the First People to call for that system of domination to be abolished;

That goal would suggest an end of the domination system (“civilization”) as we know it.  –Steven Newcomb