• When Will We Stop Accepting a Reality-System of Domination?0

    A former professor of mine, C. A. Bowers (1935-2017), was a brilliant and prolific writer who wrote 27 books. He cautioned against people applying to themselves the arguments that a formidable opponent or enemy has skillfully created, and successfully used against them. If you use your opponents’ arguments against yourself, he warned, you will have

  • Reconciliation and Canada’s Claim of a Right of Domination Over Native Nations0

    Let’s take a closer look at the Truth and Reconciliation process embraced by Canada. In one context, “to reconcile” means “to restore a friendship.” Let’s be clear. It is not possible to “restore” a friendship that neverexisted between the dominating society of Canada and the Original Nations and Peoples of the continent. Let’s consider another

  • Finding the Papal Bull Documents0

    In 1988, I realized that I had never actually read the original language from the papal bulls of the fifteenth century. I had only read a few sentences quoted in various sources such as Vine Deloria, Jr.’s God is Red and Wilcomb Washburn’s Red Man’s Land White Man’s Law.  I remember wondering at a certain

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