• The 1977 UN Conference On “Indigenous Populations”0

    The International Indian Treaty Council’s Intervention In September of 1977, representatives of Indigenous nations and peoples from around the world traveled to the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. They went there to attend the International NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations held at the UN Palais des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Truth and Lie Commissions0

    There’s been no friendship between Native nations And the domination system For us to patch back together, There’s been no harmony with the colonizers To try and restore. Just a genocidal desire by the dominators For our nations to exist no more. For them it’s business as usual And its nothing unusual For them to

  • Reconciliation1

    I reckon that reconciliation is a clever trap word a trick of the mind a language technique now used all the time a deft move on the Chess Board of Life so we’ll fail to see what the powers that be want to keep out of sight and out of the light reconciliation has a

  • Let’s Examine the Category Indigenous0

    We begin with the entirety of a People that is living in a particular geographical space, with its language, culture, traditions, and economic patterns. They are original to that space in relation to any other people that arrives later; Suddenly, a second invading People violently enters, or breaks into, that same geographical space and claims

  • Divine Land Grants0

    by Paul Gilk “The disclosure of a myth is deemed academic as long as the myth belongs to somebody else. Recognizing one’s own myth is always much more difficult, if not down right dangerous.”-The Lost Gospel by Burton L. Mack, page 237. As a modestly long-time reader of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs—in the

  • An Exorcism, Junipero Serra, and the Papal Bulls1

    On October 17, 2020, the Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, performed an exorcism ceremony outside the San Rafael Church, where protestors had recently toppled a statue of Father Junipero Serra. An exorcism is a ritual conducted to cast out demons and get rid of the influence of the devil, a fallen angel named “Satan.”

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